You Are One Of My Greatest Creations

You are one of my greatest creations

My longing is to declare that

But that wouldn’t be correct

It just isn’t true

For everything you have come to be is a consequence of you


You are the Master Craftsman and Inventor of your life

You have chosen from the ingredients presented

Using no blueprint

Following no recipe

Fabricated them into this amazing being


My hope is that

My influence

My Love

My example

Were worthy of that choice


I know that you will continue in this path

Becoming even greater

Making a difference

Influencing others

Standing strong


My pride bubbles over

My tears flow freely

Now go conquer

Face the world

Taking my love along the way

Roy Richard (Coot)

June 2022

Written for my granddaughter’s (Caitlin) High School graduation

Copyright Roy Richard

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