Nan Marie Edmonds-Richard (1933-1978)

You went away,

Leaving me alone.

Exposing a hole,

I could not fill.


I felt the vast emptiness,

A chasm I could not cross.

Days filled with helplessness,

And long nights of restlessness.


On a cold snowy January night,

I lay in the snow, full of hurt and broken might.

Wishing for an end to this madness,

Or for your loving, comforting embrace.


Days later,

A sudden passing thought,

A random memory,

Triggered in my consciousness.


Only then I realized with startled wonder,

You had not left!

Your body is no longer present in my world,

But your spirit dwells beside me never less.



Embarrassed I shook my head.

The blessings,

The Love,

The experience!


You are still here,

Though in a different form.

Living in a new realm,

That’s inside my heart and head.


I love you mom


Coot (Roy Richard)

June 2020

For my Mother.


Copyright Roy Richard

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