THE FISHING TRIP WE TOOK by Katherine Carey-Place


I’ll tell you ‘bout the fishing trip we took the other day,

It sure has me thinking some ‘bout what folks have to say,

You hear some awful stories ‘bout he color and the size,

And I begin to think be-gosh, you hear some awful lies.


Si Briggs just caught a three pound bass a week come Wednesday night,

And Hiram Jones, he caught a eel, he said he caught it rithe,

He said it measured more’n three feet by inches two or three,

He said they had a wash tub full, that’s what Hiram Jones told me.


Well after hearing Hiram talk about what he had done,

It sort of made us fellers want to have a little fun.

So we looked the almanac clear through to see what day was right,

And we hented cravs and crickets and worms most half the night.


We reached the old pond by the mill some time twix three and four,

And boys, I want to say right here, I won’t fish any more,

The rain it drizzled down our backs, it chilled me nearly though,

The fish stayed on the bottom, for fish know what to do.


Still hope stayed with us pretty good, each moment brought delight,

For Hiram said, “On good dark days, the fish were sure to bite.”

Well fishing haint the easiest job on the earth today.

If you want to catch the big ones, you got to know the way.


You’ve got to know what kind of bait is best for a certain day,

And how to hook it on your hook right in the proper way.

The folks was all to bed asleep when we got home that night,

Bill Snell had caught a sucker and I didn’t get a bite.


Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934


Copyright Roy Richard

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