LORI – WHO’S 4 by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill



Lori, the twister, can out twist them all –

For her age and her size, she will leave you appalled.

She is tiny and dainty to look at you see –

But her disposition would make up for three.

She can show more anger with a glimpse from her eyes –

Than any I know though they’re three times her size,

She not only eats with her shiny teeth –

With a bite she brings Randy ‘round to defeat.

Her lingo is charming – she talks all day long.

She does Rudolph the Reindeer with a great deal of pride –

And her lyrics will cause you to chuckle inside.

Rudolph doesn’t go down in history, oh, no!

To Lori he’s going down to Texaco,

She’s gay, she’s a charmer, a stinker and more –

She’s a sweet Li’l Niece Who’s all of “just 4”.


Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Written for her niece, Lori Stogsdill’s 4th birthday.

Copyright Roy Richard

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