Growing up we visited and heard a lot about Dad’s cousins. I never thought too much about it till recently and then could not make heads or tails of the various people.

Culbertson, Dorris, Lane, Julius, Peck and more! Who are these people. How do they fit in and how are we related?

It became apparent that Earl must have spent a lot of time growing up around his mother’s ‘people’. Pheobe Ann was by birth a Rogers and with the exception of the Julius’ all these cousins follow the line of the Rogers.


By going back to Earl’s Great Grand Parents Pleasant Rogers (1801-1845) and Pheobe Hickman (1816–1900), we find in addition to Earl’s Grandfather George William Rogers they also had a daughter named Chancy Jane Rogers (1837-1888) who married William A Peck (1830–1890). Their son Pleasant B. Peck (1871-1952) had a son Elva B. Peck (1908-1983) who was Dad’s age and a ‘cousin’. Elva pastored the New Hope church from 1953 to 1956.

Elva’s children (Glenda Earfaye Peck, Evelyn Darlene Peck, Elva Lee Peck, Thelma Bell Peck, Charles Raymond Peck, Levonna Florene Peck, Brenda Berniece Peck) were more part of my memories. They are 3rdcousins to me.

  • Glenda married Richard Robbins and their youngest son Timmy and I played together.
  • Elva Lee married into the Rainwaters, another name from the past.
  • Thelma married Mack Williams. Their ministry greatly influenced the growing General Baptist Denomination.
  • Charles Raymond was a Christian radio personality in the Flint area, in addition to being a great minister for the Lord
  • Levonna  attended church with us while I was growing up.

Culbertson, Dorris, and Lane

You do not have to go as far back to tie these into the family, you only have to look as far as Earl’s mother’s siblings.


Pheobe’s sister Mary Ann (1869-?) married John A.B. Culbertson, their son John Henry (?-1963) had a son, Ottie William Culbertson (1941-?).

We always visited Ottie and his wife Maxine when in Missouri. They operated Nursing Homes in the Dexter Missouri area.


Pheobe’s sister Cora (1882-1946) married Milton Dorris, their son Herman (1902-?) was Dad’s contemporary. Herman had two daughters Sue (married Robert Sampson) and Debbie (married William Murry).

We attended New Hope Church with Herman and his wife and often had Sunday Dinner at their house. In later years we switched to First General Baptist and attended there with their daughters.


Pheobe’s sister Amanda (1886-1943) married James D Warren. Their daughter Violetta (1920-?) married Robert Lane. 

Parts of the Lane family also attended New Hope Church.


To tie in the Julius name you only have to go so far as Earl’s dad. William Oliver’s sister Susan Jane (1875-1941) married Francis Julius, their children were the cousins Earl visited with and talked about.

The Julius clan did not migrate to Missouri and stayed in Illinois.

Roy Julius was a minor celebrity in that he got his picture in the Grit, a national newspaper published back in the day. It seems when he was a boy he caught a snapping turtle and carved his initials in its shell. Years and years later while fishing he caught a monster snapping turtle while fishing. While taking it off the hook he noticed his initials in the turtle’s shell. Same turtle all those years apart!

Copyright Roy Richard

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