COMING HOME by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

We’re coming home to see the family,

                        Think they’ll have a welcome true,

Quite a spell we’ve journeyed from them,

                        Done the best that we could do.


How we’ve missed the happy circle,

                        Missed each loved one day by day,

Oft our hearts were filled with sadness,

                        While we journeyed far away.


Now we’ve turned our faces homeward,

                        Hope you’ll be glad as we,

If you are we’ll have some welcome,

                        ‘Cause it’s glad as one can be.


Our “OLD FLINT will be right with us,

                        Heavens he is growing gray,

We will all be mighty happy,

                        If he brings us all the way.


Our “OLD FLINT’s” a faithful servant,

                        Though his spark plugs miss sometimes,

His differential’s out of whack,

                        And his fan wheel softly whines.


His carbonators we’ll adjust,

                        But his taillights pretty dim,

After all he’s pretty slick,

                        For the kind of shape he’s in.


Once we thought we’d trade him over,

                        For a modest little coup,

But the salesman wouldn’t take him,

                        Lest we give him lots to boot.


So we’ve greased his innards amply,

                        Bought him brand new shoes,

Juddie thinks he’ll make the journey,

                        If we feed him as we go.


Our “OLD FLINT” is some big eater,

                        Has an appetite immense,

Takes a lot of costly fodder,

                        When we drive him, here and hence.


We’ll start at four A.M. I think,

                        But maybe not till five,

But is he has his usual pep,

                        He’ll get us there alive.


Hang the latch key where it’s handy,

                        For you see we really might,

Have a blowout on the journey,

                        And be driving in at night.


Call the family all together,

                        Tell them we are on the way,

Have the babies there to greet us,

                        Make a regular festal day.


Everybody put a grin on,

                        Greet us with your broadest smile,

Ask the Jermyn band to meet us,

                        Really, isn’t life worthwhile,


Seems my heart is full to bursting,

                        Don’t know how I’m going to wait,

Don’t forget to leave the latch key,

                        Hanging by the entrance gate.


Kill the biggest, fattest gobbler,

                        Stuff him till he’ll hold no more,

Fry some sausage nice and crispy,

                        Like you did it once before.


Gosh my appetite’s improving,

                        Think I most can eat a whale,

Don’t forget to kill the gobbler,

                        When hear we’ve stuck the trail


Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

March 22, 1930


Copyright Roy Richard

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