MY FLOWER GARDEN by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934


I have a garden fair to see,

                        Where purple flowers bloom for me,

Royal purple pansies meek,

                        Mignonettes, with fragrance sweet,

And there’re stately roses there,

                        Blooming almost everywhere.

There the jonquil – saucy fellow,

                        Flaunts his style in palest yellow,

While beside the garden wall,

                        There’s a river that grows more tall –

Hollyhocks, I love them too,

                        Sparkling bright, with morning dew.


Waxen lilies in a row,

                        Marigolds and golden glow,

Starry asters, flashing white,

                        Zinnias’ of color bright,

                        Nod and bend to touch my gown,

And beyond a hedge of red,

                        Scarlet sage lifts up her head,

While still further on you see,

                        Tall, the stately lilac tree.

But there’s one I have not told,

                        Daises white with hearts of gold.


Mother loved them long ago,

                        That is why I prize them so,

And in my garden there’s a place,

                        That thee modest daises grace,

Always old, yet never new,

                        Like a friend that’s tried and true.

They are beautiful you see,

                        All these flowers that bloom for me.

But to me the flowers most bright,

                        Is a field of daisies white,

Makes me think of days of old,

                        Half their beauty can’t be told.


A paradise my garden seems,

                        With colors bright and restful greens,

Purple pansies, asters white,

                        Mignonettes and zinnias’ bright,

Waxen lilies in a row,

                        Marigold and golden glow,

Stately roses, fair to see,

                        Scarlet sage and lilac tree,

Hollyhocks beside the wall,

                        Yellow jonquils not so tall,

But the modest daisies bring,

                        Thought of sweetest, dearest thing.


Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934


Copyright Roy Richard

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