LIFE’S COPY BOOK by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934


God gives us all a copy book,

                        At the dawn of every day,

A brand new page unsoiled and white,

                        To copy as we may.

At the top in His handwriting,

                        There’s a message we may see,

Of beauty and perfection,

                        That He wills for you and me.


Then let us strive with wisdom,

                        To read His message right,

To keep each page unsoiled and clean,

                        With honor, love and might,

Let us try to copy neatly,

                        Without haste, or waste, or blot,

And cheerfully go forward,

                        Contented with our lot.


When the days are long and weary,

                        And our burdens hard to bear,

Just remember there are thousands,

                        Who are striving everywhere,

To copy neat and accurate.

                        Pages full of heavenly cheer,

And scatter loving words and deeds,

                        The while they journey here.


And when the Master takes the book,

                        We do not need to say.

That hours have been wasted,

                        Nor yet too full a day.

For he will know before He looks,

                        Each task we’ve left undone,

And He will give us credit too,

                        For every honor won.


We need not to excuse our faults,

                        Nor tell of pain or woe,

For every trouble He has shared,

                        Each effort He will know.

Just say, Dear Lord, I did my best,

                        And weary were the tasks,

Tomorrow I will try again,

                        It’s all the Master asks.


Make every day a better day,

                        Good will to all you meet,

And lend a helping hand to him,

                        Who finds the hills too steep.

Just keep Life’s Copy Book unsoiled,

                        Each line therein will tell,

If we have labored all in vain,

                        If we have kept it well.


Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934


Copyright Roy Richard

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