25 YEARS by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill


The hotdogs we’ve served, we’d oft’ like know –

If put end to end, just how far they would go.

And the hamburgers we’ve fixed, you’ve consumed near and far –

If stacked on each other would reach for the stars.

Take the chili and the soup we’ve prepared with such ease –

If all poured together ‘twould make quite a sea.

If we’d then add the drinks, we have a good notion –

That sea would quickly become an ocean.

For twenty-five years, this had been our line.

Hasn’t all been easy and sublime.

If we sometimes seem grumpy, well you might too –

If, every day, you did what we do.

We fret if the cows were milked too late –

That one of customers had to wait.

And if our buns aren’t up to par –

Well, we’re not happy unless you are.

We’ve watched the neighborhood kids grow up –

We oft’ have time to sit and “sup”.

We spend many hours with “youth” every day –

While the mirror says ours is fading away.

But the age that is written across our face –

Are lines of expression, you’d know anyplace.

For the unlined brow and the uncrinkled eye –

Have let the joys of life slip by.

They haven’t laughed or shed the tears –

That show you’ve really lived your years.

So, Cheers to all our business crowd!

To all you marvelous kids, so loud!

You’ve made our days, you’ve fashioned our lives.

“Our Thanks” to you “all” – we’ve done ALRIGHT.


Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Written for Ralph and Judy Diamond on the 25thanniversary of their restaurant, West Side Coney Island.


Copyright Roy Richard

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