THE OLD TIME SATURDAY NIGHT by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934


On Saturday night at our house,

                We hurry through our tea,

It isn’t now the quiet meal that once it used to be.

                The family never gather round the fireside blazing bright,

Like once they did some years ago, on every Saturday night.


My sister Sue is all tagged out right in her Sunday best,

                And Ma she hurries through the meal to get us kiddies dressed,

And we are told to hustle if we intend to go,

                And be on time at seven sharp, for Haskins Movie Show,


At last the house is quiet and Ma says, “Well they’re away.”

                Then she sighs and looks quite pensive, says, “It’s been a weary day?”

Pa saunters round the room a spell and then he says quite low,

                “Well, what we goin’ to do tonight, take in a movie show?”


Ma’s face is wreathed in smiles and she hurries to get dressed,

                Says, “She won’t be a minute,” and she hurries the rest.

It takes some cash, I’ll tell the world, to keep us on the go,

                For Saturday night there’s ten of us at Haskins Movie Show.


Well Saturday night it seems to me is different as can be.

                Once neighbors called to spend the eve directly after tea.

They played some dominos or chess, relaxed from work and care,

                But now they never call at all, because no one is there.


Pa says, “He thinks Jim Haskins must be a millionaire”,

                For every time our family go, most half the town is there.

I wish we had a home once more with cheery fires bright,

                And neighbors dropping to chat, with us on Saturday night.


Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

January 21, 1928


Copyright Roy Richard

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