AUNT FANNIE by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill


Now you’re my aunt and you’re full of fun —

When I’ve run down, you’ve just begun

There are many tales you’ve told to me —

And they’re filled away in memory.

When I would visit you as a child

The stories you told me were far from mild.

Each night when we would go out to “wee”—

This is what you would say to me –

“It’s dark outside and in the woods –

Is a man who gets girls and boys who aren’t good.

He carries a bag upon his back and walks among the farms –

Inside that bag are the girls and boys, and he’s cut off their legs and arms”.

Many, many years ago I went home with you –

When dark came I got lonesome and was feeling blue.

I asked you to take me home – I promised to walk all the way –

But you said no, we’d have to pass the cemetery, and the dead would be sitting on their graves

One day in California, when my birthday rolled around –

You gave me a gift, it was socks for Joe, and I threw them on the ground.

My Mom and I went home one day and found a man in bed –

To our relief, it was one of your pranks, it was a “dummy” instead.

I always liked to visit you and go swimming in the creek –

Until the day I went home from your house with poison ivy on both bottom cheeks.

Even throughout my life, you’ve scared me out of my wits –

I wouldn’t trade these memories for a billion times “two-bits”.

You’re really worth your weight in gold, and that’s a fact “by-granny” –

For in all this world there is no match for that Aunt of mine called Fannie.


Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Written for Aunt Fannie Morris who tormented and teased constantly.


Copyright Roy Richard

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