AUNT MARY’S VISIT by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934


She came to visit us at last,

                Aunt Mary sweet and dear,

How we planned to make her stay,

                A time of joy and cheer.


The sky was blue with, fleecy clouds,

                The bird sang loud and clear,

As if to tell Aunt Mary,

                They were happy she was here.


She came from out the golden west,

                Back to her girlhood home,

Once again to see the hills,

                And o’er the fields to roam,


To meet and greet the loved ones,

                And renew old friendships o’er,

To clasp their hands in greetings,

                As in olden days of yore.


Dear Aunt Mary,

                How we love her,

How we’ll miss her smile and cheer,

                How we wish that we might keep her,

Always hold her with us here.


For we need her wit and laughter,

                We need her understanding heart,

If we could we would not let her,

                From our home or life depart.


And the lessons which she taught us,

                Of patience, faith and love,

Shall be a beacon light to us,

                When she shall rest above.


Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

August 12, 1931


Copyright Roy Richard   

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