BE STRONG by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934


Be strong, let nothing disturb you,

Talk health to each person you meet,

Let your friends know you love them and trust them,

Whenever, wherever you meet,

Look to the sunny side ever,

Knowing your dreams will come true,

See success for the ones all around you,

As well as success just for you.


Forget past mistakes, and push forward,

To greater achievements worthwhile,

Be cheerful, be strong and be kindly,

To all whom you meet give a smile,

Be too large to fret or worry,

To noble for anger or strife,

Think well of yourself and proclaim it,

In deeds that will brighten some life.


Never criticize, never be selfish,

Think thought that your inner eye see,

Think harmony, health, wealth and wisdom,

It is what He would have us to be,

Just live in the faith, the world needs you,

It’s on your side so long as you’re true,

Then you’ve lived to the nest that is in you,

When you’ve done the best you could do.


Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

May 1, 1932


Copyright Roy Richard

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