A MARINE! by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

I first looked upon the casket, silver gray and oh! So still –

Then I saw “OLD GLORY” and my eyes began to fill.

For above this silver casket in a frame of softest gold –

Was the smiling lad who lies here – who is now so quiet and cold.

Then my eyes moved on oh so slowly to the boy who gave his all.

I find him fair and handsome and I’m sure he stood quite tall,

Then his mother walked up to him and she gently stroked his hair –

And I’m sure the grief she’s feeling is so awfully hard to bear.

She must be living out a lifetime as she stands there looking on –

Her firstborn child – so young – so gay – her own marine. Her son.

She must see again a toddler – who can hardly walk as best –

She must think of all his illnesses and how she’d be upset.

She must be thinking of the last time he smiled and looked her way –

That would be when he left to serve – a sad and gloomy day.

For that day a question was within her heart and mind –

Oh God! Will he come home again – this precious Son of mine?

Then came the news so dreaded – heartbreaking was this day.

She hadn’t known how great this grief on the day he went away.

I do not know this boy before me – but my sadness is sincere –

And I tremble deep within myself and am haunted with great fear.

For all the young men fighting – wherever they may be –

Remembering that the cost is great – that they pay humanity.

I cannot help but have great feeling for the wounded and those who die –

Though I know them not – I’M SORRY – for the price they have paid is so high.


Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill


Copyright Roy Richard

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