BY THE SEA by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

There’s a land where the sunshine is brightest,

                A land where the ocean is wide

A land where the salt air is purest,

                Wafted in on each murmuring tide.

Where the nights are a glory of moonlight.

                And the sunsets no artist can paint,

There’s a whisper of nearness to heaven,

                Like the soft spoken prayer of a saint.


Oh, I want to go back to its beauty,

                And live where the palms wave and sigh,

To lie where the ocean is bluest,

                And list to the sea bird’s lone cry,

Where flowers are bloomin in winter,

                And all the land is a ’thrill,

Where beauty makes it worth the living,

                Oh I want to be there, and I will.


Where the mocking bird sings to the sunrise,

                A sermon in songs of delight,

Where stars like millions of lanterns,

                Are hung in the temple of night,

In the Halifax land by the ocean,

                Where the air is all fragrant with dew,

Where the sun is a little more golden,

                And the sky a little more blue


Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

May 1932


Copyright Roy Richard

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