DADDY IS HOME AGAIN by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

There’s joy and gladness at our house,

Ma wears the biggest smile.

We’re having chicken dumplins,

And the fixings that’s worthwhile,

There’s flowers in the living room,

And all our folks are gay,

Because my Dad is home again,

You see he’s been away.

The doctor came some time ago,

With an auto big and fine,

He wouldn’t wait for Dad to dress,

Guess he thought there wasn’t time,

He hustled him away so quick,

We hardly said goodbye.

And Mother cried and cried a lot,

She wouldn’t tell us why.

She’s been so sad and lonely,

And the house seemed awful drear,

There wasn’t any fun at all,

Without our Daddy here.

Ma said, He’d soon be home again,

And we were not to fuss.

But she’s been gone an awful lot,

Sort of neglecting us.

But yesterday the phone bell rang,

I heard the doctor say,

That Dad was feeling better,

He could come back home today,

And so he’s here, and we are glad,

But, gee he’s awful white,

I guess the folks he stopped with,

Didn’t treat my Daddy right.

We’re having chicken dumpling,

And the fixings that’s worthwhile,

There’s flowers in the living room,

On every face a smile,

To find joy and gladness,

I guess you’d have to roam.

For we’re all so gay and happy.

Since my Daddy came back home.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

February 27, 1928

Copyright Roy Richard

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