DEAR ELLEN AND JANE by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

                Your lovely gift came, to Aunt Kate, this morning at nine. When the mailman walked in with a broad happy grin, I was hanging the wash on the line.

                When I said, “Well, Dear me, now who can it be. That thought of Aunt Kate far away. And remembered in time to send her a line and wish her a happy birthday”?

The stockings are fine and came just in time. I really needed them bad. So I’ve put them away for a real special day. And I thank you and tell you I’m glad.

The dear little card I shall keep in my box. Where I put all the things I love best. And you can be sure that I’ll tuck it away. And treasure it too with the rest.

                So thank you, dear folks, for your kind loving tho’t and a kiss for my little girls (two). When this comes to your home. Though I far away roam. You will know that I’m thinking of you.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Daytona Beach, Florida

February 23, 1931

Copyright Roy Richard

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