DO YOU REMEMBER? by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Do you remember long ago, far off magic day?

When we were girls together.

How we use to roam and play,

How we wander hand in hand,

Beside the river wide?

You always took the lead back there,

With me close by your side.

Do you recall the old hay barn,

Where we would stop to rest,

And climb to peep beneath the eaves,

Where swallows built their nest?

The daisy field all white and gold,

The swimming pool we made,

And the little home we fashioned,

Neath the maples leafy shade?

The cowslip in a bed of gold,

And just beside the way,

The thorn tree full of fragrant bloom,

Along in early May?

The old brick kiln, the charcoal pit,

The mills beside the stream,

Where we would wonder hour by hour,

Or idle, sit and dream.

And oh, the series you could weave,

Of places great and grand,

As we journeyed far from earthly things,

To a fair enchanted land?

In those days so long ago,

How much your love has meant to me,

Perhaps you’ll never know.

But don’t you wish that we could know,

Those days once more so dear,

And feel the old-time gladness,

That we knew when you were here?

I know the miles that stretch afar,

To reach where ‘er you stay?

Are lined with old true memories,

Along the magic way.

Oh, I would like to walk again,

Along that river wide,

Through buttercups and daisy fields,

With you paced by my side.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

The remaining verses were blurred so badly they could not be made out.

Copyright Roy Richard

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