DEAR KIRSTIE by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Dear Kirstie:

My, how time has flown, the years slip quickly by –

Why, ‘twas just twelve short years ago, you came into our lives.

And look at all the things we did, throughout your pre-school years –

We played, we traveled untold miles, we spanked and we shed some tears.

No one need ask the joy you brought into our lives and hearts,

The happiness was written on our faces from the start,

Many milestones have come and gone, so far we’ve adjusted quite well.

Many more are yet to come, and the future of these we can’t tell.

So, now as you reach this important date –

To “Our Teenager” we’d like to relate:

We’re proud of you and all you are.

Within our world, you’re the brightest star.

We hope to guide you on your way,

To a life that’s useful, happy and gay.

At times in the next few years, I know,

You’ll think we’re strict, and rightly so!

For we will be strict on the morals of life,

It’s our job to mold you for a Mother and Wife,

That will please that “Someone” you don’t know now,

And make you the “Queen” of his heart and house.

So, now, it’s goodbye to those childhood years,

Let’s look ahead, without any fears.

And if you will keep one rule in your life,

You won’t go wrong and you’ll be alright,

A Good Rule to Follow: Anytime you’re ever in doubt about what you should do, ask yourself this question: Would I be ashamed of what I’m doing if Mom or Dad just happened to pass by and see me? Your conscience will give you the right answer.

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

April 22, 1970

Written for her daughter, Kristie’s 13th birthday.

Copyright Roy Richard

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