Dear Mom by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

	Thirty-five years ago you celebrated your first Mother’s Day, Little was known then other than you had been blessed with the greatest miracle God bestows.

	Life for you has been a task that few will ever really know – for you have raised your family to adulthood and kept them together when it seemed an impossibility after your mate was taken from you.

	On this 8th day of May, on the anniversary of being a Mother, I want to say “Thank-you” from the bottom of my heart.

	I know through all those growing years your heart was heavy many times when he was but late, disobedient and seemingly, didn’t care. But he has grown into a fine responsible, dignified, happy and well-adjusted citizen. He has given me more happiness then I thought I’d ever know – and because I love him, he also has the power to break my heart. He has fills my heart with peace and joy and made me laugh when I’m in a really angry mood. He has shared my sorrows and helped me to smile through my tears. He provides well for his family and seldom complains.

	He can irritate me with his ashes on the carpet, his muddy tracks, neckties on the door-knob and the hundreds of other small habits I dislike – but he can make everything fine with his disposition, smile and the love he shows his family. His patience with all my faults is unbelievable. Kirstie describes him well when she says, “Daddy you’re the best in the whole world”.

	So, Mom thank-you from the girl who didn’t know you thirty-five years ago – but who knows you now and is happily married to your “First-born".

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill
May 1965
Written for her Mother-in-law, Caroline (Stogsdill) Fletchall

Copyright Roy Richard	

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