ELMWOOD CASINO by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Our efforts in going were not in vain –
The entertainer was Frankie Laine.
Jackie and Leon were taken by Nancy –
To Elmwood Casino, fine and fancy.
Herb and Gayle decided to see the show –
All the others were ready to go.
Nancy could hardly contain her emotion –
She’s long admired Frankie with deep devotion.
Frankie started his show with the “Old Wild Goose” –
Nancy was ready, her composure to lose.
Jackie had hands so clammy and cold –
While Gayle’s were warm and moist to hold.
But Nancy’s were hot and dry as could be –
This night would long live in her memory.
Frankie sang songs both old and new –
“Jezebel”, “My Way”, “Mule Train” were a few.
He did a lot more and when the show was done –
Jackie and Nancy were on the run –
For an autographed album, the lobby they flew.
They were in the right place, Nancy got her cue –
When Frankie sat down to sign his name –
He asked for a cigarette, but mentioned no name.
Old Nancy was fast as “Quick Draw McGraw” –
Out came her Viceroys and everyone saw –
How excited she was as he handled the pack –
And the way she clutched them when he handed them back.
Her hands were shaking, her pulse a-quiver –
All she could do was stand there and shiver –
The words she repeated all the way home –
Were, “He fingered this package, it’s Mine, Mine alone”.
And no one can touch it, but Myself, just Me –
All others can do is just look and see.
For its Mine to keep and Mine to touch –
And while others laugh and say it’s not much –
To Nancy that Viceroy pack so small –
Is worth a building ten stories tall.
It’s small and would fit in a rather small box –
But to Nancy it’s worth all the gold in Ft. Knox.

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Copyright Roy Richard

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