FRED “TAYSTEE” MEISSINGER, JR.! by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

February 15th, nineteen thirty, just after St. Patrick’s Day –
You started working for Taystee, I do not know your pay.
The first two years were taken, serving restaurants downtown Flint –
When that proved successful, to another area you’re sent.
The next nine years will find you, making eighty stops a day –
All in the country, out Owosso, Ovid, and Elsie way.
Into the truck and out of the truck, loading and unloading bread –
It hasn’t done you any harm, I’d say it’s kept you young instead.
And then another move is made, back to old Flint town –
Corunna Road for twenty-nine years, with lots of friends who love to clown.
You’d always “breakfast” at Coney, as regular as a clock –
‘Till the “Diamonds” spoiled that habit by moving down the block.
During this time you spent two years, in the north end of Flint –
But I’m sure this was O.K.  with you, you’d find friends where ‘ere you went.
Where did I get my “info”, well Jack Karl is his name –
He had only the best to say of you, “You’re an “expert” at the game”.
He says they come no finer than the guy we all call “Fred” –
And he told of all the men you’ve trained, and sent on ahead.
And anyone who knows you, will agree with him I know –
For “perfection” is your middle name, you like “all” things “just so”,
What more is there for me to say? Jack Karl has said it best –
At Taystee Bread and “everywhere”, Old Boy, you’ve passed the test!!!

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill
April 1972

Copyright Roy Richard

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