I’SE QUINE TO TAKE A JOURNEY by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

I’se waitn for de springtime,
And de flowers bloomin bright,
For de April showers and sunshine,
And de long warm dewy nites.

For I’se quine to take a journey,
To a country far from here,
Where de loved ones wait to greet me,
And de time an drawn near.

Ders new time splendor on de trees,
Ders new blue in de sky,
Der new warmth in de sunbeams,
And my hopes am sorin high.

Des ole heart am beatin quicker,
Caus ders signs I always know,
I ken smell de old time fragrance,
An de softest winds dat blow.

Life am full of joy and sadness,
Seems I always had my share,
Somehow de folks karnt-have no gladness,
Out dey have my presence der.

So I’se waitn for de springtime,
And my hopes am sorin high,
Ders gladness in ma heart today,
Ders tear drops in ma eye.

For I’se quine to see de loved ones,
Dat miss me day from day,
I’se just watin for the springtime,
And it isn’t far away.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934
March 16, 1928

Copyright  Roy Richard

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