GAYLE’S ODE TO FRED by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Your product has been baked at night, when we were fast asleep –
And early morning finds you, on your way with special treats.
In the winter time on frosty morns, when Jack Frost nipped your nose –
You started out with food so fine, and may have had some frost bit toes.
Now I’m sure those wintery mornings could be awfully, awfully rough –
But were well repaid in summer, when you’d see the sun come up.
With the dewdrops in the meadow, glistening in the sunlight’s rays –
And the birds all chirping loftily, as you first began your day.
If I could walk down “memory lane”, with you, and ask my questions –
This “ode” of mine would be complete, in each and all directions.
But since I want my efforts to surprise you just a bit –
I’ll have to guess at how it’s been, what’s made you such a “hit”.
You’ve done quite well with captivating me, with all your charms –
You’ve even bought my lunch for me, and caused no great alarm.
The hours we’ve spent at Coney, telling tales, some “tall”. Some true –
And all the “insults” passed in fun, would make most folks turn “blue”.
The “fun” you had on TIGER DAY, when the BIRDS could fly no more –
And the feather – dusting you gave Herb, when the CARDS were on the floor.
But then there came another day, when BIRDS and PIRATES met –
You challenged me, taking ORIOLES, a fairly, sure, Safe bet.
But what you didn’t know was this – An old school chum of mine –
Was never going to let me loose – that Buck – not one small dime.
While VIRDON only sat and watched the games they played that day –
The Pirates won the Pennant and I won my bet that way.
Its things like this, I think you’d say, have made your work worthwhile –
The humor and friends along the route have shortened every mile.
The friends who long have known you, and those who are quite new –
All join with me in saying, “We’ve enjoyed time spent with you”,
And Kris will long remember, those “quarters” passed her way –
To pour Fred’s “cup of coffee”, absolutely made her day.
And now on your retirement, may your plans and dreams come true –
And by all means remember us, we’d enjoy a visit from you.

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill
April 1972
Written for Fred M., the Tastee Bread Man

Copyright Roy Richard

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