Grand Blanc Football by Roy Richard

About 20 years ago when my daughters were in the Kearsley Marching Band I was president of the Band Boosters. On the evening we played Grand Blanc (I think it was 2000), the Grand Blanc team scored a touchdown while the Band was marching down the track. A number of Grand Blanc players ran to the stands to high five the student section. In doing this they ran through the band, jostling them, knocking one down and damaging an instrument that was knocked out of a students hands.

Monday morning I called the Grand Blanc AD and explained the incident. His response was “So”. No other comment, no regret, no apologies. Just “So”.

Fast forward to 2022…..

The sense of entitlement and arrogance still seemingly thrive at Grand Blanc…

I am amazed at the total lack of respect, sportsmanship and citizenship that the Grand Blanc Athletic Department displayed at the Davison, Grand Blanc game on October 14. While the Davison Marching Band was performing the Grand Blanc punter began to kick balls down the side lines. One of his errand kicks landed on the field in the midst of the band.

I asked the Grand Blanc ball boy what they thought they were doing and was told that “I can’t control where he kicks the ball.”

When I pointed out the ball lying on the field and told him that was exactly my concern, I was told he would get his Athletic Director to set me straight.

A gentleman approached me who I assume was Athletic Director, Jerrod Dohm. When I expressed my concerns about a student getting hit with an errand ball or the possibility of one tripping over the ball on the field, I was told, “It’s only a football for God’s sake. Get the hell out of here.”

Ok only a football but hit someone and drive their instrument into their mouths, or a ball hitting someone unaware of it coming? It is more than a football it becomes a missile that could cause potential serious damage.  Band students are looking up as they march and expecting a clear field for their performance, any object lying on the field could cause them to stumble or fall causing physical harm or damage to their instrument.

In addition these actions were disrespectful of the band that has spent hours preparing a half time show.

Way to go bobcats.

#bobcatnation #grandblancfootball

Copyright Roy Richard

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