KEEP SMILIING by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

When skies are dark and dreary,
And the rain comes pouring down,
If you meet your next door neighbors,
And you think you see him frown,
Walk right up and grasp his hand,
Say, “Neighbor, how are you?”
Give him a smile, it’s all worthwhile,
You’ll find that he’ll smile too.

Be cheerful when there’s cloudy days,
As when the sun is bright,
It only takes a little mirth,
To make things seem just right,
A friendly nod, a pleasant smile,
A kindly word or two,
A heart of cheer when things look drear,
Then folks will smile with you.

Sometimes it’s easy to be gay,
When things are going wrong,
No use to weep, when hills are steep,
As well to sing a song,
For just behind the dreary clouds,
The sun is in his place,
And underneath the blackest soil,
The lilies hide her face.

But lilies fair will blossom forth,
In queenly beauty white,
The darkest clouds will pass away,
The sun will shine more bright,
So scatter sunbeams on your way,
Keep smiling all the while,
For when you lend a helping hand,
Somebody else will smile.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Copyright Roy Richard

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