HAPPY RETIREMENT by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Retirement time is here at last –
Watch out “Walleye”, “Pike” and “Bass”.
Walt and Millie are fancy free –
And will now be on a fishing “spree”.
And that’s not all they’re gonna do –
They’ll tour the states before they’re through.
I think “big game” is on their mind –
And it’s no telling what they’ll find –
To occupy their leisure days –
In “lakes” and “stream” and “gulfs and “bays”.
But now’s the time to do these things –
Relax and let your mind take “wings”,
Then follow through on all those plans --
And come back “home” with “golden tans”
Then set to work when “spring” rolls ‘round –
And get that “garden” in the ground.
For if you don’t work and perspire –
A little when you do retire –
You will not be in shape come “Fall” –
To start out on another “Ball”.
And your friends will miss those treats so fine –
That come from your “Tomato Vines”.
So now we say, “Relax, have fun” –
The “golden days” have just begun.
But when you’ve “hunted”, “fished” and “loafed” –
Come back to “Flint” where you can boast –
Of all the things you’ve seen and done –
Way down yonder in the “golden sun”.
	Have fun you two!!!

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Copyright Roy Richard

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