LITTLE JANE by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

A little babe had come to us,
	So soft, so sweet and dear,
I think an angel knew our need,
	And so he left her here.
Our home is full of sunshine now,
	And everybody’s gay,
Because a blue-eyed baby,
	Has come with us to stay.

It’s such a tiny little thing,
	We wonder how it brings,
So much of joy and happiness,
	So much of bigger things.
We never knew the joy we missed,
	Nor thought our home so drear,
Till like a golden sunbeam,
	It came to linger here.

It’s Daddy has a prouder step,
	Its Grandpa’s full of cheer,
Its Aunts and Uncles flock around,
	Proclaiming it is dear.
The little mother just can’t keep,
	The shine out of her eyes,
But they all call her Grandma,
	When the brand new baby cries.

We call it Jane – a quaint old name,
	But seemed to suit it best,
For that’s the sweetest name we know,
	Regardless of the rest.
Grandma’s name is also Jane,
	The only ones were we,
To think to name it just for her,
	How proud she ought to be!

So Jane shall be a lucky babe,
	For it’s a name we love,
Seems that the angels brought it too,
	From blue skies up above.
Now all the family wonder why,
	They never thought the same,
When their first child came to them,
	To call it little Jane.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Copyright Roy Richard

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