LOUISE by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Up in the great big city,
	Lives a little girl I know,
She’s like the Polly Anna girl,
	That’s why we love her so.

Her hair is soft and Oh, how brown,
	Her eyes are shiny too,
She’s always helping someone,
	If there’s anything to do.

She runs the errands for mother,
	For she’s a precious pearl,
She’s mother’s little helper,
	And father’s sweetheart girl.

She rocks wee baby Alice,
	Until she’s sound asleep,
Then she tidies up the living room,
	Till its spick and span neat.

And all the little dogs and cats,
	That have no place to go,
They come right to this little girl,
	Because they love her so.

She’s learning music every day,
	Her teacher says she’s bright,
For she always has her lessons,
	And she always has them right.

Her name is Kathryn Louise,
	This little precious pearl,
But we’re going to call her Polly,
	For she’s a gladsome girl.

So let us call her Polly Anna,
	Because she’s always glad,
And the dearest little helper,
	That a mother ever had

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934
January 2, 1923

Copyright Roy Richard

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