MARKIN’ TIME by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Markin’ Time, each day, each night.
	At evening time and morning light,
Countin’ all the miles between,
	All the days since you I’ve seen,
And I sigh and wipe a tear,
	Just because you aren’t here,
Markin’ Time, that’s all I do,
	To fill the miles from me to you.

Markin’ Time, I love you so,
	Wantin’ you where’re I go,
Can’t seem happy any place,
	Just a lookin’ for your face,
In each crowd I chance to see,
	Seems that you are near to me,
Markin’ Time, just Markin’ Time,
	Till I hold your hand in mine.

Markin’ Time, the days flit by,
	Can’t forget you if I try,
And your spirit seems to be,
	Close beside the fire with me.
Miles and miles can never part,
	Love like ours is from the heart,
Are you too where’re you be,
	Markin’ Time till you see me?

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934
March 10, 1926
For her sister, best pal, best one to find the shiny places, her dear Elizabeth.

Copyright Roy Richard

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