OPPORTUNITY by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

When you say I can’t, you have paved the way.
	For someone else to claim,
The big rewards you might have earned,
	Or the place it was yours to gain.
Why you only wished, when you might have fished,
	And now you bemoan your luck,
But the man who wins, is the man who climbs,
	And creeps into fame by pluck.

There is plenty of room, clear up to the sky,
	There is space and space to grow,
But before you reap your fields of wheat,
	You must plow and harrow and sow.
If you work and work with patience and care,
	Keep on each day and do,
You’ll get divided big and fine,
	That will be a surprise to you.

Opportunities are yours today, if now you sow,
	The tiny seeds in the solid ground,
Where they can root and grow,
	The law is rigid, it does not give,
To those who yearn for luck,
	But it’s kind to the man with a will to do,
Who tackles a job and sees it through –
	To the man with pep and pluck.

If clouds are dark and storms seem near,
	And trials all come together,
Just say “I will,” that’s the thing that counts,
	Be fair or foul the weather.
And never look back, for the past is dead,
	Today is the time that’s right,
Push through the clouds to the other side,
	You’ll find the lining bright.

And maybe there is your pot of gold,
	Or acres of diamonds rare,
And maybe you’ll find your heart’s desire.
	Where life is calm and fair,
It’s pluck and grit and the bull-dog will,
	That brings you to heights supreme,
If you have the pluck, why you’ll have the luck,
	That builds your castles of dream.

Keep on – that’s it – you’re going to win,
	Why, you’re going to take the lead,
When your purpose is honest, you are bound to climb,
	And you surely will succeed.
Wake up, you are dozing and dreaming to lone,
	Say, “I can and I will,” that’s your cue,
There’s plenty of room at the top my boy,
	But it’s pluck that will pull you through.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Copyright Roy Richard

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