MAR by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Well now let’s see – how old are you?
The years are adding up to quite a few.
You’ve one false tooth to grace your smile –
And I’ll bet a buck you can’t run a mile.
You’ve contributed three to the human race –
And each one has added an inch to your waist.
You’re much wiser I’m sure than when we met –
And the things you’ve learned, you won’t forget.
I can’t mention them all, there’s too many you see –
But I’ll recall one or two to your memory.
I’m sure when you visit a “John” for relief –
You think of “Salem” and how long you sat on the seat –
One of your best memories I’m sure will be –
The stove at Mrs. Green’s, where you could cook on your knees.
You have witnessed a few things that have happened to me –
And I’m sure you smile at these memories.
Like the times I’d get mad a “Doggie” and say –
Well, I’ll pack and leave if you feel that way.
Then I would pack all my dishes “just-so” –
By the time that was done I’d decide not to go.
And now I have something serious to say –
Something I’ll remember all of my days,
You’ll never know what it meant having you near –
The day Kirstie made her appearance here.
The hand you gave me to hold that day –
Will be lovingly remembered in a special way.
Now on your birthday and I won’t say which one –
I wish you a nice one with lots of fun –
May your life be ling and richly blesses –
And may God grant you every happiness. 

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill
May 21, 1960
Written for her cousin Margene Morris

Copyright Roy Richard

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