ORMAN’S V.I.A. by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

In the little town of Ormond,
	Stands a building of renown,
With a tiny park before it,
	That’s an honor to the town.
Just a blend of noble women,
	Toiled together day by day,
And are famous for their labor,
	Known as Ormond’s V.I.A.

In the park beside the river,
	Weary travelers pause to rest,
And while gazing on the beauties,
	Feel their souls are richly blessed.
Native birds of brilliant color,
	Come to drink at fountains brim,
Surely they like weary travelers,
	Sing their praises unto Him.

On the bank beside the river,
	Stately psalms wave in the breeze,
There the mockingbird and cardinal,
	Safely nest among the trees,
And the bamboo softly whispers,
	As the sun is sinking low,
And the Halifax moves onward,
	With its ceaseless ebb and flow.

Just a band of noble women,
	With a vision broad and wide,
Dreamed a dream and they builded,
	With the water close beside,
Where the young may read and ponder,
	Where the old may gently rest,
Just a little band of women,
	Gave to Ormond their best.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Copyright Roy Richard

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