SI PERKINS WEDDING DAY by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Si Perkins was a farmer,
	A bachelor old was SI,
He vowed he’d never marry,
	There ain’t no reason to try,
For any woman old or young,
	Or rich or poor said he,
With all their winnin’ ways,
	That will ever capture me.

I own this farm and,
	I have saved a pocket full of gold,
And this old heart is youthful still,
	Though some folks say I’m old,
I am happy as a cricket or,
	As a cricket ought to ne,
And I don’t want no woman folks,
	Gallivanting after me.

There’s wider Blodget on the hill,
	She’s got her cap for me,
And both the Snobgrass girls I hear,
	Would Mrs., Perkins be
There’s Miss. Drucille Briggs, I know,
	Would marry me today,
And so would Nancy Obenlike,
	If she could have her say.

Why there’s lots and lots of widders,
	Both grass and sod you see,
That’s only waiting for the word,
	To make their home with me,
But nosiree, Si Perkins knows,
	A couple thins as yet,
An there don’t know wider get him,
	Nor, old maids you bet.

I’ll live in single blessedness,
	And go and come at will,
And at first of every month,
	Pay only my own bill,
So Silas talked to all his friends,
	And smiled himself to see,
How very clever he had been,
	To keep his old heart free.

But just last month, a plump sweet Miss,
	Came Pumpkin Center way,
To visit Uncle Ebbs,
	And spend a pleasant day,
She met Si at a huskin bee,
	And friends it’s sad to say,
He lost his heart right on the spot,
	This is their Wedding Day.

It goes to show that when you meet,
	The proper Man or Miss,
That there’s no tellin’ what they’ll do,
	We’ll prove it now by this.
For soon the strains will reach your ears,
	Here comes the Bride to-day,
That captures old Si Perkins heart,
	Out Pumpkin Center way.

Just keep up heart ye maidens old,
	And widders too – stand firm,
It ain’t the first one on the field,
	That catches the old worm,
It takes a lot of smilin’
	Some good cookin’ and some wit,
Just keep up courage and I bet,
	You’ll land a husband yet.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Copyright Roy Richard

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