OWLS by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

I went shopping down the street –
And I found many things to greet.
Some were pretty – some were plain –
All were very glad I came.
Each one seemed to say to me –
Take me home and let me be –
A gift you’ll give a friend or else –
Let me sit upon your shelf.
I looked and looked –
With a purpose in mind.
A collection for you –
Just the right kind.
And then I saw an owl so wise.
He had the very biggest eyes.
I thought of you and the night of your birth.
How big your eyes were as you looked at this earth,
I decided then that owls it would be.
Hope you like this little owl from me.

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill
Written for her daughter Kirstie when she started her owl collection.

Copyright Roy Richard

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