Friend Sings by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Your Jeannie, just the other day –
Did quite a thing now – I must say.
She’s awful busy – this we know –
And always running to and fro’.
She goes to work – sends Dee to school –
Takes Nick to his sitter – as a rule.
Then home from work – she starts right in –
Working at home – all over again.
She loads her washer hurriedly –
Then on to other chores – is she!
The washer stops and out she goes –
To take care of her family’s clothes.
Can you imagine her surprise –
When she is greeted by “two eyes?”
Yes, eyes once green – but now turned brown –
‘Tis a perfect wonder I didn’t drown.
Well let me tell you how it is –
When she decides to give you the “biz.”
Through fabric softener, water, soap –
I almost, nearly gave up hope –
Of ever again touching feet to ground –
While being battered, beat and spun around.
So dizzy I could not stand at first –
And water-logged! I’d never felt worse.
Now can any of you imagine that –
Your Jeannie would really wash their cat?
Now I’ve told on her – so just call me “Singer.”
And I’m glad that washer had no wringer –
Else my “nine-lives” could have all been spent –
In going through this incident.
And for this cat of theirs called “Friend.”
It could have been the living end.

Clean for life – No Repeats, please.


Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

Copyright Roy Richard

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