The Maples by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

If there’s one thing grand to see,
It’s a strong and sturdy tree,
Standing proud mid sky and breeze,
Armies of cool, fragrant trees,
The lovely cypress, tender green,
Along a marsh land can be seen,
And slender pine, where breezes blow,
Dropping their perfume here below.

The mighty oak, king of the land,
Stretched giant branches, cool and grand,
And birds nest, in their leafy bower,
Safe from the storm kings mighty power,
The palm trees too, are queenly fair,
The bay, the birch, the elm rare,
All these are lovely in their pride,
Growing and thriving side by side.

But in my ears are hum of bees,
And stately rows of maple trees,
I see a lawn that’s smoothed and cool,
A rustic bridge, a swimming pool,
A cottage too, with porches dim,
Where maples hedged the whole place in,
Old-fashioned flowers along the wall,
That bloomed from early spring, till fall.

Like hollyhocks and daisies fair,
Lilacs cool, and roses rare,
Clustered around in queenly grace,
As if to sanctify the place,
They bring such memories as these,
Summer and flowers and honey bees,
And row on row of maple trees.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934
May 3, 1932

Copyright Roy Richard

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