Sweet Sixteen by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

“Sweet Sixteen” is a marvelous age –
To do the things that are “all the rage”.
In your Grandma’s day she was a “flapper”.
And your Grandpa, he was “sporty” and “dapper”
In your Mother’s day, the “jitterbug” –
Was the way most teenagers “cut a rug”.
At your generation you’ll see us frown –
We’ve forgotten when we looked like “clowns”.
Now this is the time to do “your thing” –
So, “live it up” – grab the golden ring.
True! Skirts are short – the haircuts the “shag”!
But try them out – is that’s “your bag”.
It’s a time for dating and “sharing a song” –
With those boys you’ve been “eyeing” for ever so long.
It’s time for the “car keys” to come your way –
When you get your “license” – “Oh Happy Day”!
When the “phrases” you say cause eyebrows to rise –
Just ask and Dad what was “shoo fly pie”?
Or “Hubba – Hubba”, “slick chick”, “jive” or “Hep-cat”?
Now tell me what kind of “language” we that?
And about your styles – Honest I don’t like ‘em either –
I like bobby-sox, saddles and a big baggy sweater.
But as I have said, styles do come and go –
And when we set the stage, we made quite a “show”.
Yes, now is the “fun” time of all the years --
So have lots of laughs with not many tears,
And remember, when parents criticize –
They’ve just forgotten the “fun” in their lives.
Bring out this poem that’s “Gayle’s sensation”  --
And give them a “lesson” on their “generation”.

With every good wish that your teenage years are happy and carefree

Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill
Written for her daughter Kirstie

Copyright Roy Richard

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