To Elizabeth by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

I write lines to one most dear, of hope and joy and love,
To express my faith and happiness to our Father above,
When the valley of the shadow of death was near to you,
He answered all our prayers and tears, He led you safely thru.

Now your convalescing, soon you’ll be home once more. 
How you’ll prize, how you’ll love, as you never have before,
Long years ago a poet wrote that cares must need abound,
The vine that bares too many flowers, must trail upon the ground.

Your path and mine has had its share of flowers, fair and bright,
The Master’s needs must bring us care that we might see the light,
Too much of joy is sorrowful, if joy were only ours,
While others bare the heavy load and we but fragrant flowers.

The let us live to do his His will and answer the call,
For he who loveth you and I hath made and loveth all.
And we will praise Him day and night, His love and mercy till,
Who bore the cross, who wore the crown, who doeth all things well

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934
January 14, 1922

Copyright Roy Richard

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