This chair we present to both Harold and Mid,
We hope it brings joy without fail,
For each eve as we glance o’er the street to their home,
Poor Dock is perched on the rail.

All their friends and their family sit snug in a chair,
And visit and smile as they rock,
No one seems to notice, and none seems to care.
‘Bout the seat that is left for poor Dock.

We had a fine time at the party, I’ll say,
All the folks, brought such wonderful eats,
Of jelly and jam, pie and cake by the score,
We played lots of games, cards and dominoes too,
Heard the radio, talked a whole lot,
And I wish you could see how Mid and Dock smiled,
‘Bout the wonderful present they got.

When their friends would appear,
Dock would gallantly stand,
And insist they all have a seat,
Then he’d walk to his old roosting place on the rail,
And sadly he’d dangle is feet.

His rear end is calloused and bruised he’ll admit,
A weary frown wrinkled his brow,
But on the rail no more he will sit,
We’ve got him a cushioned char now.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Copyright Roy Richard

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