Alabama Bound – A Blues Standard

Originally written by Robert Hoffman in 1909, the song was first a ragtime melody and then became a blues standard. Versions have also been covered by bluegrass, folk and country singers. The version by Lead Belly is considered the best.

George Robert "Bob" Hoffman (September 19, 1878 to December 8, 1964), was born and lived is life in New Orleans. 

Huddie William Ledbetter, also know as Lead Belly was born Mooringsport, Louisiana. He died in New York. (January 20, 1888 – December 6, 1949).

I'm Alabama bound

I'm Alabama bound
And if the train don't turn around
I'm Alabama bound
Oh, don't you leave me here
Oh, don't you leave me here
But if you must go anyhow
Just leave a dime for beer
Oh, don't you be like me
Oh, don't you be like me
Drink your good sweet cherry wine
And let that whiskey be
Well your hair don't curve
And your eyes ain't blue
Well if you don't want me, Polly Ann
Well I don't want you

Roy Richard January 2023
Huddie William Ledbetter and George Robert "Bob" Hoffman

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