WHO IS A FRIEND? by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Who is a friend? Oh, it’s he who shares,
	All your joys and all your cares,
One, when you falter by the road,
	Helps you along with your heavy load,
One who can smile when your sky is blue,
	And seems to know just the thing to do,
And the word to say when your sky is gray,
	This is a friend.

Who is a friend? Oh, it’s the one who sees,
	Your little faults and still believes,
And cheerfully helps you the whole way through,
	Because he has perfect faith in you,
Faith in the things you can do,
	Faith in your love and honor too,
One who has wintered and summered with you
	This is a friend.

Who is a friend? Oh. It’s one who knows
	The tie that binds and the love that grows,
One who can take you by the hand,
	And say “Old Friend I understand”,
With a loyal heart and lips that are true,
	Always ready their share to do,
One who has journeyed after you,
	This is a friend.

Who is a friend? Ah, I can tell,
	For U have a friend whom I lone full and well,
Tried in the fiery furnace flame,
	No thought of envy, nothing to gain,
Steadfast and true, as a fried should be,
	Is the kind of friend she has been to me,
And I am glad at the journeys end,
	That I can say, “I have a friend”.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Copyright Roy Richard

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