YOU ASK ME I THINK OF YOU by Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934

Way out where I am,
	You ask if I think of you>
The good old days, the good old ways,
	And the things we use to do,
You ask if I pause a moment,
	And offer a prayer for you,
When the first star lights the sky out here
	Yes Dear, I do.

Way out here where I am,
	When I great the sun each day,
I wonder when we’ll meet again,
	In the same old friendly way?
I know old pals are sweeter,
	And I miss you Dear and sigh,
I’d like to chat in your flat,
	Just you and I.

Way out here where I am,
	We value old ties best,
In a stringer way, each hour, each day,
	We love old times best.
And the years can never part us,
	Though like birds on the wing they fly,
I have come to know, how love can grow,
	And swiftly pass me by.

Way out here where I am,
	I think of you often, Dear,
When the twilight hour approaches,
	How I wish that you were here,
And my eyes are just as friendly,
	And sweeter the silent prayer,
For the olden ways, the golden days,
	And the best Old Pal, back there.

Katherine Carey-Place 1878-1934
December 1924

Copyright Roy Richard

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