Becky’s Cradle

The second cradle I built was for my youngest daughter Becky. She requested something closer to the ground that you might lie on the sofa and rock. This was my design for that. Build in 2008 for my youngest granddaughter Kendall. The hardware was a little simpler, basically brass bolts and nuts (I no longer had access to the machine shop as before).

Disclaimer: I consider myself an artist. Words and wood are my mediums. I ‘create’ items in wood to express myself. I do not consider it a hobby. I do not make jigs and pump out hundreds of ‘craft’ items. I picture something in my mind and I ‘create’ it. It is a part of me.

“Woodworking is a fine art defined as “a visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic and intellectual purposes.” We see beautiful artwork in woodworking all the time, and thus, it can be considered fine art.” (

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