Atomic Bookstore in Baltimore

Atomic Bookstore

For years when traveling I would go to the local bookstore to see what different things I could find. Over time this turned into less and less of an adventure. Big Box stores became more the norm and even a lot of the smaller Mom n Pop stores carried the same old same old. If all you were looking for was Patterson, King, Steele, etc. you might as well hit the local B&N back home.

Recently I realized I was looking for the wrong type of bookstore. I needed to look for the Anarchist, Cooperative, Independent, Feminist, LGBT, Infoshop, Literary Curator bookstores to find those items not on the shelves in the template bookstores. In Baltimore I found such a great location and defiantly found THE place to go.

In the hip Hampden District of Baltimore sits an amazing bookstore, Atomic Books. Their slogan says it all, “Literary Finds for the Mutated Minds” A smallish space that is filled with fantastic finds and friendly staff make for a happy reason to fill an afternoon book shopping and browsing. Here is my list of what sets Rachel and Benn’s shelves apart:

Selection: Their categories are not the run of the mill and include (Note not an all-inclusive list!): Art Book Lowbrow/Outsider, Art Book Street Art/Graffiti, Books for Strange Children, Comics Mini/Small Press, Culture Drug Info, Erotica, Pinup, John Waters, Marylandia, Music We Like, Games, New Art, Zines, Object Lessons, etc. 

Stock: A significant number of items representing all of the categories.

Discount Items: I admit it I’m a sucker for sales. Atomic boasts a half-off rack and many dollar items in one of the window sills.

Hampden: It’s here in the cool neighborhood of Hampden, giving a great reason to visit the area.

Bar: A bookstore with a bar that features local and craft beers? Sign me up!

Staff: Always friendly and ready to assist.

John Waters: John Waters, the filmmaker, known for the cult films, Hairspray, Cry-Baby Multiple Maniacs, Pink Flamingos and Female Trouble receives his fan mail here. John Waters, c/o Atomic Books, 3620 Falls Rd., Baltimore, MD 21211 USA.

Nepenthe Brewing Co.: This fantastic Baltimore brewery that features great beer and food is like two doors down from the bookstore.

Atomic Books
3620 Falls Rd.
Baltimore, MD 21211 USA


Bookstore Hours:
Tuesday 	12 - 6
Wednesday 	12 - 7
Thursday 	12 - 6
Friday 		12 - 7
Saturday 	12 - 7
Sunday 		12 – 5

Eightbar Hours:
Wednesday 	5 - 7
Friday 		5 - 7
Saturday 	4 - 7

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