Flint Michigan Restaurants: White Horse Tavern

Flint Michigan Restaurants: White Horse Tavern
Food: 4.75
Beer / Spirits: 4.75
Service: 3
Cleanliness: 4.75
Average: 4.31
Cost (Based on Burgers): 1/3-pound White Horse Burger with fries, $10.50
Entertainment: On occasion, check their Facebook
Ratings 1-5 with 5 being stellar.

Opened in 1973 by the Poulos brothers, the White Horse is a Flint staple. While not downtown, the tavern is located a few blocks west of Saginaw Street on Court Street. Free on-site parking makes it an easy choice. 

Back in the day I ate and drank at the White Horse probably far too much. I worked a few blocks away and it was our families after church stop for many years. Friday nights it was a stop for local attorneys and many hours could be spent ease dropping on them. 

Over all those visits, I cannot remember a bad meal there. It is always clean and has a rustic feel to it. The biggest draw backs to me are the unfriendliness of the owners and the occasional bad service. 

Their burgers are always cooked to order and are served with fresh well-cooked fries. The Slim Tim is a hit with many. On weekends they offer half off pizzas for dine in only. The omelets and a cold Guinness are perfect for 3rd shifters stopping by in the morning.

Their beer selection, while not large, offers enough choices to satisfy.

It has been reported that the tavern is up for sale.

621 W Court St, Flint, MI 48503
(810) 234-3811

Monday	        7 AM–12 AM
Tuesday	        7 AM–12 AM
Wednesday	7 AM–12 AM
Thursday	7 AM–12 AM
Friday	        7 AM–12 AM
Saturday	7 AM–12 AM
Sunday	        9:30 AM–12 AM

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