Ryman Auditorium – Nashville

Ryman Auditorium – Nashville

The original home of the Grand Old Opry, the Ryman is a great historical place to visit. Tickets start at $30 for the self-guided version. This includes a chance to stand on the time-honored stage and a souvenir photo.

Tours start in a small room that shows a movie about the history of the auditorium, then proceed into the building where you can gaze upon displays of past stars. It ends with a walk across the stage and the chance for your photo. 

It is a must see for all Country Music Fans. The $30 ticket price is a little steep for what you get, unless the chance to stand where Hank Williams stood is vital to you.

The VIP tour is $70 and includes a poster and a recording at Hatch studios.

It is once again a working music venue with shows scheduled through out the year.

Every Day: 9 AM - 4 PM

Roy Richard
May 2023

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