Cary Family

My maternal grandmother was a Crossman and a Cary. The Cary surname had been extensively documented back to 1170 to Adam DeKary. It has always been reported that he was the Master of Castle Kari in Sommerset, England, some documentation though puts him rather at Devon, England instead. 


NOTE: Birth dates before the arrival of John in the United States may be approximate.

Adam DeKari      b. 1170 married Ann Trevett b. 1175 b. 
John de Kary     b. 1200 married Elizabeth Stapleton      b. 1205
William de Kary  b. 1230 married Alice Beaumont           b. 1226
John de Karry    b. 1270 married Philppa Archdeacon       b. 1275
William Cary     b. 1300 married Margaret Bozon           b. 1304
John Cary        b. 1316 married Jane de Bryen            b. 1325
Jane de Bryen    b. 1346 married Margaretha Agnes Holway  b. 1350
Robert Cary      b. 1375 married Margaret Courtenay       b. 1376
Phillip Cary     b. 1400 married Christian Orchard        b. 1416 
William Cary     b. 1436 married Elizabeth Paulett        b. ?
Robert Cary      b. 1460 married Agnes Hody               b. 1474
William Cary     b. 1500 married Joane Herle              b. 1502
Robert Cary      b. 1525 married Christian Anne Dennis    b. 1525
William Cary     b. 1560 married Alice Elizabeth Goodall  b. 1566
John Cary        b. 1583 married Elizabeth Hereford       b. ?

HERE THE CARY NAME ARRIVES IN THE UNITED STATES (Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA)

John Cary        b. 1610 married Elizabeth Godfrey        b. 1620
Frances Cary     b. 1647 married Hannah Lydia Brett       b. 1655
Samuel Cary      b. 1677 married Mary Poole               b. 1679
Joseph Cary      b. 1705 married Anne Brett               b. 1714
Barnabas Cary    b. 1733 married Mary Scott               b. 1735
John B Cary      b. 1766 married Lucy McKay               b. 1770
Isaac Huit Cary  b. 1810 married Diantha Scull            b. 1820
Benjamin P Cary  b. 1845 married Sarah Jane Scutt         b. 1852
Anna Mabel Cary  b. 1882 married Maurice Stanley Crossman b. 1882

Grace Crossman   b. 1907 (My grandmother) married Roy Edmonds b. 1909

Archdeacon	Beaumont	Bozon
Brett		Brett		Bryen
Crossman	Courtenay	Dennis
Edmonds	        Godfrey  	Goodall
Hereford	Herle		Hody
Holway		McKay		Orchard
Paulett		Poole		Scott
Scull		Scutt		Stapleton

They resided in Massachusetts until around 1766 then traveled to New York state before finally settling in Pennsylvania.

Locations in the United States:

Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Duxbury, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
West Bridgewater, Plymouth, Massachusetts, USA
Albany, New York, USA
Providence (Lackawanna County), Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, USA
Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA
Jermyn, Lackawanna, Pennsylvania, USA
Wyoming, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, USA

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