In Memory of Maggie Mae

We lost our fur baby/companion Maggie Mae this past week (01-08-2023). She was diagnosed with diabetes two years ago and more recently with Cushing’s disease. Both of those diseases are hard on a dog’s body and we were lucky to have her in our lives for as long as we did. 

She was our companion, friend, bed mate and protector. She loved the grandbabies like they were her own. She was always excited when the kids came over, looking for acknowledgement and butt scratches. She was a friend to all the neighbors, visiting when she had the opportunity.

She filled our lives with happiness and purpose and she will be missed. Her bad days were becoming more frequent and more intense and now she is over the pain and illness.  She is with the Richard Pack (Brandy, Sammy Joe, Sadie and Tinker Bell) and I am sure she is staking her claim as the matriarch of them, even though she is the youngest. 


Our first puppy all those years ago,
Was christened Maggie by me.
While at work my wife did her thing,
I later learned her name was now Brandy.

Over time we were blessed,
With many fine companions
A Brandy, a Sammy Joe, a Tinker Bell and a Sadie Mae.
But no Maggie to shed hair into our lives.

Then a few years ago, we decided it was time.
A Lemmon Drop Hound came into our lives, 
Defiant and grumpy, a little bundle of fur, 
Maggie Mae had arrived.

A good girl and beautiful to behold.
But oh, so weird!
Snuggles? Not allowed! Head pats? No way.
The world revolved on her whims.

Her attitude and mine matched.
While loving and kind, she was still 95% ass.
She learned to push my buttons and I hers,
We were soul mates; we spoke the same language.

Walking as slow as possible when called,
And never coming in a straight line.
Dinner was at six, the whining started at 2:30.
A full two thirds of the bed was hers.

But she was my shop companion,
My landscaping buddy.
She loved the grandbabies like her own.
All of the neighbors were her friends.

For almost ten years, 
She allowed us to be a part of her life.
Protecting us from delivery drivers,
Offering the comfort of her presence.

Thank you, Miss Maggie,
For your love and friendship.
Find Brandy and the rest of the pack,
And roam happy till we meet again.

Roy Richard January 2023

Copyright Roy Richard

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