THE RABBIT’S CHAIR by Gaylia Kenslow – Stogsdill

From the time you could use it this
		has been your chair—
At Grandma’s and Grandpa’s you
		always sat there.
And not just at mealtime, but at
		other times too—
You made use of this chair, it just
		suited you.
You’d sit high at the counter when
		Grandma baked pies—
And using a “thimble” you’d cut out cookies
		“pint sized”.
You’d sit at the table and paste
		and glue—
Making Valentines and other things of 
                interest to you.
Grandma would try to teach you to print
                your name—
But you would have nothing to do with
		playing that game.
Grandpa brought the chair here so
		you could have it—
For after all it really belonged to
		“His Rabbit”.

Gaylia Kenslow - Stogsdill	

Copyright Roy Richard

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